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February 15, 2019


I hope your day was full of love (and chocolate... lots of chocolate).

I'm super excited to be partnering with the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City to help raise funds for families in our community.

I believe in the importance of keeping families connected, making them feel loved, & providing support during times of need. I have been involved with the Ronald McDonald House for years & feel truly passionate about their mission. This February, I’m excited to partner with RMHC-KC to encourage Kansas City to RAISE LOVE, by doing more of what you love to do! I’ve seen the difference living a healthy, happy lifestyle has made in my own life & this month I want to encourage you to find what you love & roll with it.

I’ll be sharing healthy recipes, fitness & beauty tips I love all month long (here on my blog and my Instagram account, @samanthabowers), & I want to see YOURS! Share a photo doing something you love to do to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and use t...

January 30, 2019

Only four days until... THE SUPER BOWL!

Who are you rooting for? Rams or Patriots? The even BIGGER question: what kind of snacks will be at the Super Bowl party you're planning on going to? 

Super Bowl snacks are usually appetizer style - so things like chips and salsa, buffalo chicken wings, cheese dip, sandwich sliders, etc. It can be so easy to mindlessly munch on appetizer-style foods and over eat without even noticing. Before you dive head-first in to the bucket of chicken wings at your Super Bowl party, take a second to think about healthy snacks you could bring to have on hand, like this roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato hummus.

This hummus is SUPER easy to make and convenient to bring with a platter of fresh veggies or whole grain crackers. All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients in a blender and pulse until the hummus is smooth. It does not get much easier than that!

Hummus is one of my favorite appetizers/snacks because there are SO many different flavors yo...

January 18, 2019

Chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate! This Greek Yogurt Brownie Freezer Fudge is literally a chocolate lover's dream come true. I consider myself a chocolate enthusiast so... these are one of my favorite desserts, snacks, or even breakfasts!

I am all about balance and eating intuitively. I eat some form of chocolate EVERY day! If there is one thing I have learned over the years, cravings will only get worse if you do not listen to your body. Now, I am not saying to eat whatever you want whenever you want it because you were "listening to your body." There is a difference between being mindful and not depriving yourself of the foods you love while living a healthy lifestyle and going completely overboard. It is all about learning balance and striving to make the best choices about the foods you put in your body.

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That being said: there are ways you can satisfy a sweet tooth with HEALTHY, nutritious foods that will actu...

November 7, 2018

'Tis the season for pumpkin flavored everything.

If you're not already getting your fill of pumpkin desserts—look no further. These greek yogurt pumpkin swirl cheesecake bars are one of my favorite healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth this fall.

With a crumbly, nutty crust made from almond flour, powdered peanut butter and chia seeds and a creamy, protein-packed greek yogurt filling, these bars are perfect for breakfast, as a snack, or dessert. I like to make them at the beginning of the week and store them in the refrigerator to have on hand for a breakfast on-the-go.

Each bar has 12.5 grams of protein, is only 104 calories, and has less than 5 grams of sugar. Check out the full recipe below!

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- 1/4 cup almond flour or finely chopped almonds

- 1/4 cup powdered peanut butter

- 1/4 cup stevia

- 2 tablespoons chia seeds

- 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk


- 2 cups vanilla greek yogurt


October 10, 2018

There is NOTHING better than a fresh bowl of crisp, warm, pumpkin pecan flavored toasted oats with just a hint of cinnamon - especially during this time of the year! This granola is like one giant bowl of fall. I absolutely LOVE the flavors of pumpkin, pecan, and cinnamon mixed altogether combined with the warm, nutty texture of crunchy oats right out of the oven. It makes for the perfect breakfast, mid-day snack, or even dessert!

I have always loved granola, but store bought granola often includes way more sugar and processed ingredients than we are aware of. The average serving of granola from a store bought package can contain around 12g of sugar! I love making my own granola because I know exactly what ingredients are inside. This homemade pumpkin pecan granola only has 4g of sugar per 1/2 cup.

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This is definitely one of my fall favorites and pairs great with a bowl of vanilla greek yogurt, u...

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*Please note: all of the fitness tips I share are suggestions only. Before implementing them into your workout routine, consult with your physician to make sure they are right for you.*
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