The Miss Teen USA Activewear Competition is the Definition of "Confidently Beautiful"

*Photo from Miss Teen USA Facebook Page*

Last night, 51 beautiful teens from across the country competed in the first ever Activewear Competition at the 2016 Miss Teen USA Preliminary Competition.

Recently the Miss Universe Organization announced that the teen contestants would no longer compete in a swimsuit competition, but instead would strut their stuff in a fun, upbeat activewear competition - a ground breaking decision that truly reflects a movement to place more of an emphasis on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

As a former Miss Missouri Teen USA who did compete in the swimsuit competition at Miss Teen USA, I see this change as an AMAZING way to empower not only the young women competing, but also young women WATCHING the pageant. As the contestants worked the runway in SUPER CUTE activewear outfits, the emcees read fun fitness-related facts about each girl - such as their favorite healthy snacks, workout tips, and what they like to do to stay active.

*Photo from Miss Teen USA Facebook Page*

The Miss Universe Organization empowers young women all across the world to feel strong, beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin. I truly believe that a woman who is "Confidently Beautiful" attains this radiating light from the inside out. She is confident in herself, her abilities, her beliefs, she strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others, she embraces her flaws and imperfections, and she pushes herself to be the best that SHE can be in her own skin. The switch to an activewear competition truly reflects a woman who is "Confidently Beautiful," and the hard work, dedication, and determination each of these contestants put in to preparing for the national pageant. As I watched the preliminary competition last night, I could truly see every contestant's beauty radiating from the inside out. The activewear competition further encourages young women to strive for a body that is healthy, happy, STRONG, and empowered - and I LOVED seeing this portrayed through each of the contestants during prelims last night.

*Photo from Pageant Update @pageantupdatemissusa*

What do YOU like about Miss Teen USA's switch to an Activewear Competition? Share your thoughts using the links below!

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