Halo Top Ice Cream: My New Favorite Way to Cheat Clean

My love of ice cream continues.

For those of you who read my previous blog post about Arctic Zero, you already know that I am always looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing my fitness goals!

Halo Top Ice Cream is a low calorie, high protein, low sugar, healthy alternative to your average pint of Ben & Jerry's. Halo Top is different than Arctic Zero, because it is still real ice cream. Unlike Arctic Zero (which is considered a "Fit Frozen Dessert" rather than "ice cream") Halo Top products do contain dairy. Because of this, Halo Top is able to achieve a VERY similar taste, texture, and consistency to real ice cream that would contain significantly higher amounts of fat, sugar, and carbs. Check out this comparison of Halo Top's Vanilla Bean flavor to the leading ice cream brands from www.halotop.com:

You can eat an ENTIRE pint of Halo Top Ice Cream for 240-280 calories, 16g-20g of sugar, and approximately 8g of fat, depending on which flavor you select. Halo Top offers a wide variety of flavors, including Vanilla Bean, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mocha Chip, Mint Chip, Lemon Cake, Strawberry, and Chocolate. My absolute FAVORITE flavor is Birthday Cake, because it actually tastes like real, creamy, icing! Full of rich, buttery flavor and chunks of sprinkles - yet only 70 calories per serving. Halo Top is a GREAT option for those looking for a healthy ice cream that actually has the creamy texture and rich flavor that other high calorie pints offer. This ice cream achieves its low sugar count by using stevia and erithrytol for sweetening. Both of these are all-natural, plant based sweeteners that do not affect blood glucose or cause bloating like some artificial sweeteners may cause. Check out the list of ingredients and nutrition facts for Halo Top's Vanilla Bean flavor from www.halotop.com:

Look for Halo Top Ice Cream pints at your local health food and grocery stores! Halo Top is a small, new company, but is making its way across the country and capturing the hearts of ice cream lovers looking to stay on track towards their fitness goals all across the states. Needless to say, their creamy, flavorful pints have definitely captured mine!


Visit www.halotop.com to find these delicious pints in a store near you!

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