5 Excuse Busters to Keep You Up & Moving Through the Winter Months

Let's face it, as temperatures get colder and days get shorter, it can be difficult to get out from under your warm covers in the morning to hit the gym (especially if you are like me and get cold SUPER easily). But, just because it's cold OUTSIDE doesn't mean your workouts have to take a back seat. Here are my top 5 tips to help you say "move over" to the excuses this season:

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1. Get in a routine

You know what they say, humans are "creatures of habit!" I know this is especially true when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise regimen. Setting up a designated time every day to get yourself moving - and actually sticking to that time (no excuses!) - will help tremendously when you are struggling to find your motivation this winter. We all have our favorite time of the day to work out, so pick a time, any time, and schedule an appointment with yourself that you can't miss! (You wouldn't miss your advising appointment with your professor, would you?)

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2. Find a friend

Use the buddy system! Finding a friend that shares the same fitness goals as you do will help keep BOTH of you accountable along the journey. A workout partner should be encouraging, supportive, and most importantly - be there to remind you why you started.

3. Set a long term goal

Going on a tropical vacay for Spring Break? START NOW! The winter months will pass before you know it. Get a leg up on that workout routine you've been putting off to start until "after New Years" or "on the first of the month." It can be easy to say "I'll start when ______." and then all of a sudden, a month has passed and you still haven't started. Do yourself a favor - and take the time NOW to put living a healthy lifestyle at the top of your priority list.

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4. Try Hot Yoga

I absolutely LOVE hot yoga. LOVE. And what better way to warm up during the chilly winter months than by doing yoga in a room kept at roughly 104 degrees Fahrenheit (with 40% humidity - might I add)? Check to find a hot yoga studio near you! If you are from the Columbia or Springfield areas in Missouri, I HIGHLY recommend Sumits Hot Yoga. They offer community classes regularly that are less expensive than a full membership and are suitable for beginners if you are new to your yoga practice.

5. Make it FUN!

Mix up your workouts to keep things interesting and avoid getting in that dreaded "exercise rut." Lack of motivation can sometimes come from boredom. Grab some friends and try a new workout class. Pilates, hot yoga, kickboxing, and even dancing are great ways to torch calories without even going near the typical treadmill.

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So what are you waiting for?! It may be getting colder outside, but your workouts are about to start HEATING UP!


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What do YOU do to keep yourself motivated during the winter season? Share your thoughts with your friends using the links below!

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