Athleisure to Adore + A Quick Full Body Toning Workout


Happy Sunday! I love using Sundays to relax and catch up on things before another week starts. This morning I did some long distance cardio and a quick full body toning workout to start my day off on a productive note. I always feel so much more determined to take on my day when I start by getting in a good workout. Whether you prefer jogging, yoga, high intensity interval training, walking, or weight lifting, getting up and MOVING is a great way to start the day!

Studies have shown that when it comes to work productivity, exercise is proven to:

1. Improve alertness

2. Prevent illness

3. Improve mental health

4. Boost your energy

What better reason to get up and get moving than the fact that it will help you improve in ALL areas of life, not just your level of physical fitness? Start by taking a stroll around your neighborhood in the mornings just to get in a regular habit of incorporating some movement into your morning.

One thing that definitely motivates me to get in a work out is new activewear. I practically LIVE in athleisure, so I am always so excited to get a new sports bra, cute workout tee, or a new pair of athletic leggings. I fell in love with this LUCY ACTIVEWEAR "Woman Up" workout tee the second I saw it. It's a great reminder to maintain that "no-excuses" attitude when you're in the middle of a tough exercise session.





These Nike Free RN running shoes are my absolute FAVORITE. I wear them almost every day to run, walk to class, and lift weights. They are a great dynamic shoe that can be used for so many different activities because of the incredible support they provide! I have narrow feet, so I usually have trouble finding a running shoe that holds my foot in place while I run; but these are one of the comfiest pairs I have ever owned. I chose the black and white pair because they match pretty much everything, but they also come in bright colors and patterns.




I always like to incorporate some resistance exercises into my routine after I do a long distance cardio session, so here is a rundown of the quick toning workout I did this morning after I finished my run:

20 lunges (10 on each side)

Step forward with one foot. Lower yourself down (not too far - do not touch your knee to the ground to avoid injury!) so that your front knee is in line with your front foot and your back leg is extended behind you, bent slightly. Bring your back leg forward to meet your front foot and repeat, completing 10 reps on each side.

15 sumo squats (holding weight)

Stand with your feet about twice as wide as shoulder width apart with your toes pointing out. Hold weight (if you choose to use one) infant of your waist and slowly lower, engaging your abs, inner thighs, and glutes to pull yourself back up to the original position.

10 V-Ups

Begin lying flat on the floor. Engage your abdominal muscles as you draw your feet up in the air and pull your torso towards your legs, reaching for your toes with your arms and creating a "V" shape with your body. Lower back down to a straight position, keeping arms and legs off of the floor until all sets are completed.

20 sitting twists

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your toes lifted off the ground. Keep your back at a 45 degree angle, not rounded. Twist back and forth from side-to-side across your body, holding weight if desired. Complete 10 reps on each side, 20 reps total.

50 flutter kicks

Start lying flat on your back with your arms straight down by your side, palms facing the floor. Raise your legs 6-12 inches off the ground and alternate raising one foot at a time, making a rapid "kicking" motion.


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What are some ways you motivate yourself to get up and get moving? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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