Spring Break Shape Up: Lower Abs Workout + My List Of Tummy Toning Foods


Spring break is SO CLOSE! Some colleges are having their spring break this week, some are having it next week... but Mizzou still has ONE MORE week of classes. We're almost there!

We have been having midterm exams the past few weeks, which can definitely be a stressful and busy time for many of us! For me, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and take a break from studying. Even if I am crunched for time, just a simple quick jog or a resistance training session can help me clear my mind so I can focus on my next task. I shared a couple of quick tips to stay on track towards your fitness goals during this time of year a few days ago - if you missed it you can CLICK HERE to read the full post!


TIPS: TFB's Guide To A Fit + Healthy Week Of Midterm Exams

Abs are one of my favorite muscle groups to train in a quick resistance session. A lot of you all have asked what some of my favorite exercises are to shape up your lower abs, which can be one of the most difficult areas to tone for some of us. For me, I noticed the biggest difference in my lower abs when I started eating a very clean diet with lots of lean protein, fibrous veggies, and healthy fats.

Some of my favorites:

Grilled chicken breast

Steamed broccoli

Riced cauliflower (SO good - my latest obsession!)

Fresh spinach and kale blend

Fresh bell peppers (red are my fave, because they are the sweetest)

Natural or dry roasted almonds

Shredded coconut

Grilled salmon

Lean ground turkey (I love making turkey burgers or turkey meatballs) Zucchini Noodles

Natural creamy peanut butter

Powdered peanut butter

UNICO Nutrition APOLLO pure protein powder (Vanilla Milkshake is the BOMB. Use "BOWERS20" to get 20% off your order on www.uniconutrition.com)

Steamed edamame

Nonfat vanilla greek yogurt


LET'S MOVE! Click here to get my workout playlist: 15 songs to get you up & motivated!

The list goes on! On top of a clean diet, there are SO many bodyweight exercises that will give you a great ab workout without having to go to a full gym or even use any equipment; but most of the time I will add a dumbbell to my ab workouts just to up the intensity. I put together a few of my favorite lower ab toning exercises in this Spring Break Shape Up: Lower Abs Workout - because we ALL want sculpted lower abs for spring break, right?!

Try running through this circuit below for a quick ab burning session! Do each exercise for 30 seconds and then repeat the circuit through two more times for a total of 3 run throughs. Let's get moving!



30 seconds each

1. High-knees

Stand with legs hip width apart and alternate driving your knees up towards your chest. Arms should follow this motion.

2. Snap Jumps

Begin in a squat position with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Extend your legs back to a plank position and jump your feet back into the original squat position. Repeat.

3. Flutter Kicks

Start lying flat on your back with your arms straight down by your side, palms facing the floor. Raise your legs 6-12 inches off the ground and alternate raising one foot at a time, making a rapid "kicking" motion.

4. Modified V-ups

Begin sitting up, with your back off the ground and your arms placed on the mat by your sides. Lift your legs 6 inches off the ground and draw them in to your torso. Extend the legs straight back to starting position and repeat.

6. Russian (sitting) Twists

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your toes lifted off the ground. Keep your back at a 45 degree angle, not rounded. Twist back and forth from side-to-side across your body, holding weight if desired. Complete 15 reps on each side, 30 reps total.

7. Figure 8s

Begin lying flat on the ground with your hands resting by your side and your legs extended. Tighten your abs and thighs and lift both of your legs into the air at the same time, hovering about 6 inches off the ground. Draw continuous horizontal "8s" in the air with your toes, keeping the abs and thighs engaged the entire time.

8. Mountain Climbers

Begin in a push up position. Alternate driving your knees into your chest and returning them back to the extended position.

9. Leg Lifts

Begin lying flat on the ground with your hands resting by your side and your legs extended. Tighten your abs and thighs and lift both of your legs into the air at the same time until your body forms a 90 degree angle. Lower your legs back down to hover 6 inches off the ground and repeat.





I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. CLICK HERE to learn more about TRAINING WITH ME!

Spring Break will be here before we know it! What are some of your favorite lower ab exercises? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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