No Bake Gluten Free Coconut Fudge Power Balls


This is MY KIND of recipe: quick, simple, chocolate, and energizing. All of the components a balanced snack needs, right?! I am seriously so obsessed with these No Bake Coconut Fudge Power Balls. 1. Because they are super chocolatey and taste like cookie dough, and 2. Because they take less than 10 minutes to make. They are super easy to store in the fridge and keep as a healthy snack on hand, too!

I have been eating A LOT of coconut flour lately. I recently tried Betterbody Foods' Organic kind, and I have been mixing it in to everything. Coconut Flour is gluten free, SUPER high in fiber, and full of healthy fats. Not to mention, it really does have a sweet, nutty flavor that I have been hooked on lately.

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I made these in the morning after I had already eaten breakfast, so I wasn't ready to eat them right away. I put them in the freezer for about an hour and when I took them out their texture was even MORE like chocolate cookie dough. You can store these in the fridge, freezer, or even room temperature if you want. I recommend freezing them for 1-2 hours and then storing them in the refrigerator.

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I used my favorite UNICO Nutrition APOLLO vanilla milkshake protein powder in these power balls to make them even more filling and satisfying. The vanilla protein powder tastes SO much like vanilla ice cream, so when you mix it in to a recipe like this it gives it an even sweeter flavor and a smoother texture. Check out the full recipe below!

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What are your favorite healthy treats? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from YOU!

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