Sweet Cinnamon Cake Protein Donuts


O.M.G. these are so good I can't even believe they're healthy and I am the one that made them. I am a firm believer that everyone has to love donuts. I don't care what KIND of donut - I mean, you could be a fan of chocolate, glazed, cinnamon - whatever suits your fancy. But I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has to like some kind of donut. If you don't, then... You should still try these because 1. They're made of healthy ingredients and 2. They taste like straight up cake. Yes, please.

These were actually kind of an "impulse recipe," meaning I was having a MAJOR craving for something sweet, saw my donut pan, and the rest is history.

If you have been following my blog and Instagram for awhile now, you know how raging my sweet tooth can be! I really do NOT crave salty, fried foods, or even really rich sugary foods. But, I do crave healthy sweet treats that are filling, packed with protein, and made with natural, healthy ingredients. After my healthy lifestyle flip about 6 years ago, my cravings for really unhealthy food have subsided. It's amazing how when you eliminate refined sugars and other "junk" from your diet your tastebuds TRULY DO change! You have the power to reprogram the kinds of foods that taste good to you - it just takes time, effort, and dedication to achieving a goal.

That being said, I hope you find these healthy recipes helpful when it comes to dodging the junk food sugar cravings you may be having at the start of a lifestyle change. Or, if you're like me and just really like eating tasty foods that feel clean and will help you reach your fitness goals - I hope you find them helpful too!

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Donut worry, be happy (I had to throw in that pun SOMEWHERE in here), these Donuts are only 64 calories and 2.1 grams of sugar, yet they pack 7.4 grams of protein! Talk about the perfect post workout snack or a power-up breakfast.

I am a huge fan of eating A LOT at breakfast. I probably eat around 600 calories at breakfast every morning - and I am not exaggerating! I believe in eating in an "inverted pyramid" style; meaning my largest meal at breakfast and my smallest meal at dinner. This way, I have plenty of energy to tackle my day and I am not left overstuffed at dinner time. I try not to eat past 5:30pm, so that my body has plenty of time to digest my food before I am sedentary for the night.

Protein is ALWAYS a major part of my breakfast. I love making protein pancakes, adding a scoop in to a smoothie, or making a healthy recipe like these Sweet Cinnamon Cake Donuts or my No Bake Gluten Free Coconut Fudge Power Balls.

My FAVORITE protein powder: UNICO Nutrition's Vanilla Milkshake. Use "BOWERS20" to get 20% off your order on www.uniconutrition.com.

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These donuts use blanched almond flour, organic coconut flour, and nonfat vanilla greek yogurt to give them a dense, cakey texture while remaining grain free and oil free. I love using stevia as a zero calorie sweetener, because it has a similar texture and flavor to regular granulated sugar but it is all natural and comes from the stevia leaf.


Brands I used:

Organic Coconut Flour: Betterbody Foods

Greek Yogurt: Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla Greek

Zero Calorie Sweetener: In the Raw

Protein Powder: UNICO Nutrition (Use "BOWERS20" for 20% off on www.uniconutrition.com)


These are super easy to make; and even if you don't have a donut pan you can still make Sweet Cinnamon Cake Protein MUFFINS by using a muffin pan instead. Check out the recipe below!




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What are your favorite sweet treats to eat for breakfast? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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