Meet Us At The Barre: Sweating It Out at Barre3 Kansas City


Meet us at the BARRE! Last night I went to my first ever barre class at barre3 Kansas City. I have been wanting to try a barre class for so long because I have heard SUCH great things about the workout.

My usual workouts are a combination of weight training (most of the time with dumbbells only - I am a huge fan of bodyweight training and using dumbbells to intensify the workouts), high intensity intervals, distance running, and yoga (hot yoga is my fave). So, it was great to try a new class that somewhat combined my two favorites: bodyweight training and yoga. I loved how I was able to apply what I usually do in my regular workouts to barre class. Just like in yoga, you connect with your breath to keep yourself composed and connected throughout the entire workout - which is always my favorite part!

The great thing about barre3 is that it truly is for everyone. You definitely do not need a background in dance or yoga to sweat it out in one of the classes. I loved how the instructor would provide variations for each exercise to either simplify them or make them more of a challenge, so you truly could go at your own pace and make it YOUR workout!

I talk a lot on my Instagram and blog about achieving BALANCE. This is something that I believe in whole heartedly. Striving for balance in your workouts, diet, and life in general - will ultimately benefit your body the most. barre3 takes a 3 pillar approach (it's more than just exercise!):

1. Exercise

2. Nourish

3. Connect

While movement is definitely a HUGE part of the equation, nourishment and connection are also components that will help you reach balance. I absolutely love how barre3 encourages whole body health and empowers you to be the best that YOU can be - in and out of the studio.

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The workout definitely provides MORE than just a full body burn. The atmosphere and the energy in the class was empowering, energizing, and made the actual workout fly by because we were having so much fun! Talk about a major endorphin release. I love surrounding myself with other women striving to better themselves - there is no better feeling than looking around the studio and seeing everyone reach small goals throughout the duration of the class together!

The actual workout consists of 3 types of movements:

1. The Isometric Hold

Align, connect, and engage

2. Small Range Movements

Push through challenges and build strength

3. Large Dynamic Movements

Tone and energize

Put 'em all together and you have one full body burning workout!

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Next time you're feeling like mixing up your workouts, DEFINITELY check out barre3. CLICK HERE to view their website and find a studio near you!

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Have you ever tried a barre class? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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