Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Power Bars


Do you ever just wake up on the morning and feel like DEVOURING something sweet, dense, and chocolate? That was me this morning (actually - that's every morning).

I have a sweet tooth; especially in the morning right when I wake up. I have always been more likely to pick a stack of protein pancakes or some greek yogurt over an egg white omelette or avocado toast in the morning, simply because I like to satisfy my sweet tooth craving in the AM hours.

But, that doesn't mean I reach for a bowl of ice cream or a sugar-packed "breakfast cookie." I have found that there are super easy ways to recreate your favorite sweets to actually be low in sugar, packed with protein, and full of energizing superfoods to kick start your day.

These Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Power Bars do just that! I actually ate a few after my workout this morning. The main ingredient is almond butter, which is loaded with healthy fats. I had actually NEVER had almond butter until I started creating this recipe! Crazy, right? Well, it's safe to say I am definitely hooked. My favorite brand is Justin's almond butter because its only ingredients are dry roasted almonds and palm oil. A lot of times, nut butters will sneak in added sugars or other kinds of processed oils, so I always look for brands that stick to the most natural recipe possible.



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On top of being loaded with healthy fats, these Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Power Bars have ANOTHER secret superfood ingredient... COLLAGEN!

That's right, Further Food Collagen Peptides. I had been wanting to try collagen peptides for so long because I had heard AMAZING things about the health benefits that come along with simply throwing a scoop in to your favorite healthy recipes. My mom likes to mix a scoop in to her yogurt and oatmeal. She says it makes her feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time and it makes her skin feel EXTRA smooth. I like to add a scoop in to my protein shakes and recipes like this - because it dissolves completely, is flavorless, and adds a TON of health benefits:

1. Stabilizes blood sugar

2. Slows aging

3. Builds bone strength

4. Lowers cholesterol levels

5. Speeds up recovery

6. Reduces inflammation

7. Excellent source of protein

8. Aids in digestion

9. Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails

You can use my code "SAMANTHA10" for 10% off on and try collagen peptides for yourself!


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These cookie bars only have 2.1 grams of sugar EACH; compared to your average chocolate chip cookie bar that has around 11 grams. I am always trying to create these recipes with the least amount of sugar as possible. I love using sweet tasting protein powder like Unico Nutrition's Vanilla Milkshake flavor, stevia, and vanilla extract to imitate the way sugar would taste in a recipe - without all the negative side effects that sugar has on your body.

You can use my code "BOWERS20" for 20% off on

These cookies are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, AND they are SUPER easy to make. All you have to do is throw the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together until a dough-like consistency forms. I lined my baking pan with parchment paper so after the cookies were done baking I could just lift them out of the pan without having them stick and crumble. Check out the recipe below!




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What are some of your favorite desserts you would like to be made healthy? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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