The One Pair Of Shoes You Will Be So Glad You Packed: Skechers Reggae Sandals


Organizing your suitcase can be one of the most time consuming parts about planning a trip. If you are anything like me, you'll find yourself stuffing a carry on size bag full of shoes and then realizing you're only going to be gone for three days. Do I really need to bring that pair of shoes I haven't worn in four years? Maybe, just maybe, they will make a comeback in the next few days - right?

If your trip involves a bunch of different activities and you'll need different styles of footwear, it can be so easy to reason yourself in to stuffing your suitcase full of shoes. While I was packing for a trip to Los Angeles last week, I knew I would need to bring several different styles of footwear for everything I wanted to squeeze in to the short amount of time I was going to be spending on the West Coast. Of course I had to pack for the main reason I was making the trip in the first place, the 2017 College Emmy Awards, so a pair of shoes fit for the red carpet were a must. But, let's be real here. No one is going to wear those heels to the beach or out and about at Universal Studios (at least I wouldn't).

With the limited amount of space in a carry on suitcase, I knew I would have to bring a comfortable shoe that was versatile enough to go with me from the beach, to the hiking trails, to the amusement parks. I received these Skechers Reggae Sandals* two days before I left for California and I am so thankful they came in time to take with me. These were PERFECT for jogging along the shoreline (they are actually waterproof), climbing up and down the path to the beach, and a cool-down beachside yoga session. They are open toe, so the sand and water that would have normally been trapped in my running shoes flowed across my feet with ease.

I love how the sandal straps around your feet and toes for a no-slip fit for easy activity. I can definitely say these are my go-to shoes for the summer because they fit the active lifestyle I love to live. If you have been following along on Instagram, you may remember me talking a lot about “active rest days” and why I am a firm believer in doing some form of movement every day. Recovery from a workout is important, and taking an active rest day by getting up and going for a hike, a light jog, doing yoga, or even playing a sport can actually help your body recover more efficiently than if you were to simply sit around all day watching Netflix or binging on re-runs from the last season of "This Is Us" (guilty).




While I was in California, I wanted to focus on seeing as much of the area as I could and doing as many different activities as possible, and the Skechers Reggae Sandals literally only left my feet for the time we were at the College Emmy Awards. If you find yourself struggling to eliminate those extra three or four (or twelve) pairs of shoes while packing, here are a few things to consider before you throw in every shoe you own.

Can the shoe be used for different activities?

If you are packing for an event and absolutely have to have a certain pair of shoes, then include them in your suitcase. But otherwise, those bright floral high heels that only match one outfit can stay at home. Aim to save space in your suitcase by packing shoes that can be used for multiple activities and paired with different looks. I wore my Skechers Reggae Sandals hiking, at the beach, and to Universal Studios. One of the best parts about these sandals is that they can be paired with activewear or with a more cute and casual look, like boyfriend jeans and a white tee.

Is the shoe comfortable?

I may sound old here, but seriously. This should actually be number one on the list. No one wants blisters on vacation. Yet, for some reason, we are all tempted to pack those super cute flats that we know rub our heels the wrong way just five minutes after we put them on - am I right? A lot of times, traveling involves tons of walking and moving around. Whether it may be through an airport, on a hiking trail, at an amusement park, or through the downtown area of a city; comfort and support are definitely important qualities in a good travel shoe.

Does the shoe take up a ton of space in your suitcase?

*Ahem* wedges and boots, we are looking at you with this one. Some shoes with hard soles that can't be folded or flattened will easily hoard all the space in your carry on. The Skechers Reggae Sandals are great for travel, because they can be flattened, stacked on top of each other, and kept in a side pocket of your suitcase.

Are the shoes durable?

There is nothing like a broken sandal strap to put a downer on a day spent hiking on rough terrain or weaving in and out of crowds at an amusement park. I love how the Skechers Reggae Sandals have a clip and adjustable, sturdy straps for an extra secure feeling. The straps on these sandals are made with a super thick, yet comfortable, woven material and the criss-cross pattern holds your feet in place.

Packing the right shoes should be the least of your worries when you are traveling. Bringing too many pairs can be overwhelming and take up unnecessary space in your suitcase and hotel room or condo, and let's be honest, no one wants to have to worry about leaving one shoe behind or not being able to fit them all back in your suitcase when it's time to come home. The Skechers Reggae Sandals are definitely my go-to summer travel shoe for any vacation or activity.

Do you have any packing tips and tricks? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!




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