Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Granola


Hello JUNE! I can hardly believe 2017 is already halfway over. June is one of my favorite months because the weather has finally made up its mind about what season it really is: summer! When I wake up in the mornings and it is warm outside, I always crave something cold. For me, eating a cold breakfast in the summer is a great way to refresh and wake myself up.

That being said: time to say goodbye to warm oatmeal. I have actually always liked to eat my oats cold (like overnight oats - CLICK HERE to see my latest overnight oats recipe on Instagram), or in the form of granola.

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Granola is one of my favorite breakfast foods but a lot of times store bought granola can be sneaky and add in extra syrups, sweeteners, and oils. I love making my own because I know EXACTLY what goes in to the recipe and can avoid unwanted added processed ingredients; but if I am buying store bought granola I try to look for a kind that has LESS than 6g of sugar per serving (which can sometimes be hard to find). This homemade granola has HALF the ingredients of the typical store bought chocolate peanut butter granola and only 2.4g of sugar - compared to the 15g in a packaged version. Making your own foods from clean, natural ingredients pays off! Here is the comparison: Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Granola: Per 1/2 cup serving: 278 calories 12.8g fat 32.6g carbs 6.2g fiber 2.4g sugar 10.8g protein Store bought Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola: Per 1/2 cup serving: 240 calories 8g fat 33g carbs 3g fiber 15g sugar 10g protein



Another bonus: this granola only has 8 ingredients and does not have any added oils or refined sugars. Since I am a chocolate lover (but honestly, who ISN'T), I threw in 2 tablespoons of Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels. I like Enjoy Life because they are one of the more natural brands of chocolate and their dark chocolate chips are dairy, nut, and soy free. You would never guess that they are any different than a regular chocolate chip because they still taste just as rich, decadent, and sweet.

I tried to make this granola with the least amount of ingredients possible, but you could easily add a scoop of protein powder to up the amount of protein in each serving if you wanted. I use UNICO Nutrition APOLLO pure protein - the Vanilla Milkshake flavor is my favorite and it blends so well with almost anything. You can use the code "BOWERS20" on www.uniconutrition.com to get 20% off your order.

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This granola is SUPER simple to make and once you have it prepared, it is easy to store it in an airtight container and grab as an on the go breakfast or snack. I absolutely love topping my greek yogurt with some granola to add a little crunch, but even snacking on plain granola is a great way to fuel up if you're on the go and have to carry it with you in a bag or tub. If you are a cereal person, this granola goes great with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk in the morning as a healthier alternative to a sugary breakfast cereal. Check out the recipe below!




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