Move Fearlessly: Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you have ever been curious about what it's like to get laser hair removal: you are NOT alone!

For the longest time I had absolutely no clue how it worked, what the treatment consisted of, how long it lasted, etc. I have dark hair, so I was always interested in learning more about the treatment to see if it would be a good option for me. Especially under my arms - because when you have dark hair, no matter if you shave or not, there will be a shadow. Before I had my first laser hair removal procedure at Bare Med Spa, I had done waxing but found that it did not last as long as I wished it would.

So, when I started visiting Bare Med Spa and found out they offered laser hair removal I knew I had to give it a try. If you saw my Instagram story during my visit, you got to see the machine that they use to do the treatment and learn a little more about what it is like (it's not scary - I promise!)

But for those of you that missed it, I wanted to write a full blog post detailing EVERYTHING you need to know about laser hair removal (well, at least everything I feel like you need to know).

Yesterday was my second laser hair removal treatment under my arms. I got my first treatment about two months ago. You are supposed to keep treatments scheduled for every 4-6 weeks to stay on top of your hair growth cycle and maximize the results, but I had been traveling and was a little late on my second round.

I will say that I definitely noticed a difference after my FIRST treatment. It can take around 6 treatments to see permanent hair reduction (with maintenance every once in awhile), but I was so pleased to see thinner hair growth after only ONE round.

But let's be real: the name "laser hair removal" can be kind of intimidating. No, there are no scary lasers that come in and painfully fry your hair off (although I may have feared that before I actually tried it for myself). So, to clear things up for anyone who is curious: here are a few things to know if you are considering giving it a shot (which I HIGHLY recommend).

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I'm going to be honest while I am writing this: I am NOT a laser hair removal expert. I am just going to try to explain the treatment as best as I can to clarify what my experience has been like - and not everyone's experience will be the same. You can ALWAYS give Bare Med Spa a call and speak with one of the amazing estheticians there to get a one-on-one personalized consultation.

But anyways, a laser hair removal treatment literally takes like 10 minutes. If that. It is SO fast! The machine they use pulls an area of your skin (kind of like a suction cup but its more of a tip on the end than an actual suction cup) to make it appear lighter. Then, a beam of energy is focused in on the darkest part of the area that is being targeted, i.e., your hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair follicle, which damages it enough to reduce future growth. While it cannot guarantee permanent REMOVAL of hair, it does provide permanent REDUCTION in the area.



Like I said, the treatment takes like 10 minutes and it is not painful AT ALL. Honestly all it feels like is a tiny pull on your skin followed by a pinch and a flash of light. Afterwards you may feel slightly itchy or like you have a little bit of a sunburn depending on how sensitive your skin is, but I didn't ever have this problem.



One thing I learned: You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT, have a spray tan when you go in for laser hair removal. I practically live in a spray tan, so this was the toughest part for me. The reason you should avoid spray tanning before is because the light is attracted to darker pigments, so it is best for your skin to be as pale as possible. The same thing goes for regular tanning or tanning in a bed (which should be avoided anyways!).

You can wear deodorant to your appointment but the esthetician will wipe it off before they do the treatment.

If you are getting your underarms done, you SHOULD shave before your treatment.

Avoid waxing or plucking the area beforehand - you want to make sure the hair follicle is there for the light to focus in on!



After the treatment, you may feel slight itchiness or irritation (like a sunburn) but like I said I did not notice either of these symptoms. Honestly, I felt completely normal and the same as before I went in! The quality of service provided by your spa plays a big role in how you feel afterwards. If you live around the Kansas City area - Bare Med Spa is the PLACE.

You should see fairly immediate reduction in hair growth. At least, I definitely did. After each treatment the growth of your hair will just slowly continue to decline.



YES. 100% yes! I have gotten the treatment under my arms twice and I can already see a reduction in the shadowing that I have always had. And the great thing is, it is PERMANENT reduction. It is quick, painless, and I have seen amazing results.

If you are on the borderline about trying out laser hair removal I totally recommend giving Bare Med Spa a call and scheduling a consultation. They are SO helpful and knowledgeable about this topic. My experience has been nothing but positive!

I'll keep you all updated on Instagram about how my next few treatments go and the results I am seeing. As always, if you have any questions about my results or what I think about the treatment, send me a message! I respond to all of them.




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