VIDEO: 12 Exercises to Tone Your Glutes That ARE NOT Squats


We've all heard the saying "do your squats and eat your veggies," but what if squats aren't exactly your idea of an enjoyable workout?

Working out should be something you LOVE doing! Something you do because you like the way it makes you feel and something that feels like a chore or an obligation. The exercises in your routine should be moves that make you feel empowered, strong, and energized.

Looking for a good warm up to kick off your workout? CLICK HERE to watch: QUICK HIGH INTENSITY WARM UP EXERCISES | AT-HOME WORKOUT


There are so many benefits of a squat, don't get me wrong. I personally LOVE squatting - it targets your glutes, quads, abs, back - the list of muscles engaged in a squat goes on and on. But if squats aren't exactly your forté or you have an injury that prevents you from squatting, what do you do to tone your glutes?

Check out the video below for 12 GLUTE TONING EXERCISES that are NOT a squat! All of these moves require minimal equipment, can be done just about anywhere (even from home) and are sure to make you feel the burn!


*Suggestions only: please consult with your physician before starting an exercise program.*


Do each move for 30 seconds.

1. Standing side leg lifts (30 seconds on each side)

2. Straight leg fire hydrants (30 seconds on each side)

3. Straight leg donkey kicks (30 seconds on each side)

4. Med ball hamstring curls

5. Donkey kicks (30 seconds on each side)

6. Lateral shuffle steps

7. Kick back lunges (30 seconds on each side)

8. Lunge with front kick (30 seconds on each side)

9. Alternating glute activating lunges

10. Single leg deadlifts (30 seconds on each side)

11. Pulse split jumps

12. Standing kick backs (30 seconds on each side)

REPEAT for an extra challenge!



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