Loaded Veggie Tacos | Clean & Simple Vegetarian Taco Recipe


I'm not sure that I have EVER met someone who doesn't like tacos. I mean, what's NOT to love?! The best part: tacos are a food that is super versatile and easy to make healthy.

A lot of times, the diet-sabotaging culprits found in tacos are:

1. Cheese

2. A carb loaded tortilla

3. Heavy, creamy sauce (like sour cream or another cheesey dressing)

4. Rice

5. TOO MUCH guacamole - I absolutely love guac, and a little bit is a good thing because avocados are loaded with healthy fats, but one too many spoonfuls and before you know it you've created a calorie bomb unintentionally.

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But the good news is: there are a few simple swaps you can make to recreate your favorite meal with a healthy spin! I am a huge believer in the idea that you can still eat delicious foods and stick to a healthy diet. Finding balance in the foods you eat will help you maintain this lifestyle for the long run. Instead of restricting yourself and cutting out the things you love, just start looking for ways to make them fit into your diet and actually HELP you reach your fitness goals! These Veggie Loaded Tacos are packed with clean ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds AND help keep you on track when it comes to a healthy diet.

These are VERY customizable to your own personal taste buds. By that, I mean you can pretty much put ANYTHING you want inside (within reason) as long as it is a veggie or a bean! Since these are vegetarian tacos, the main sources of protein in these are chickpeas and black beans. Beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein, which will help you feel full for a longer period of time after you devour your meal.

Since the tortilla is often thought of as "off limits" to those watching their carb intake, I wanted to highlight these DELICIOUS tortillas that I use in my tacos and wraps. The Carb Balance Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas are my absolute FAVORITE for several reasons:

1. They are 80 calories per tortilla.

2. They have 13g of carbs total, but 10g of those carbs are fiber. So, that leaves just 3 GRAMS of net carbs!

3. They still have the same flavor and texture that a normal tortilla would.

These are definitely my go-to tortillas when I am making a healthy taco or wrap, and I have even used these as a PIZZA CRUST before!

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To crisp these shells up a bit, I baked them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 5 minutes. When they come out of the oven, they are easy to mold into a shell shape while they are still warm.

So, now that we have these fiber packed whole wheat tortillas, it's time to STUFF them full of nutritious veggies. When it comes to colorful vegetables, the more the merrier! Here's what I put inside my tacos:

- Chopped avocado

- Fresh leafy green lettuce

- Chopped red and green onions

- Cilantro

- Fresh cherry tomatoes

- Red cabbage

- Shredded carrots

- Chopped red bell pepper

- Chickpeas

- Black beans



These make the PERFECT lunch, dinner or even afternoon snack. TACO 'bout a delicious way to eat healthy! What are some of your favorite healthy lunches? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!

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