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Have your downloaded your FREE copy of the Thanksgiving Comeback Core Challenge yet? I am SO excited to launch my first ever challenge. I knew over Thanksgiving break I wanted to create a free resource to help you feel stronger, more empowered, and confident as ever, so I put together this 17 page ebook to help you reset and find your motivation post-Thanksgiving feast.


- 5 days of bodyweight only core exercises to add to your workout routine (no equipment needed).

- 6 new, EASY, healthy recipes to help you stay on track. One breakfast, two lunch/dinner meals, one snack, one side dish, and one dessert.

- Motivation and support every step of the way.

The holidays don't have to be a time of guilt or lack of motivation. Just by downloading this guide, you are one step closer to turning the week after Thanksgiving in to your best comeback YET! The challenge starts on Monday, November 26th, but you have the option to pre-download the guide right now so you can get ready to go at the turn of the new week.

CLICK HERE to get your guide!

If you are taking the challenge: send me a message and let me know! I want to help encourage you every step of the way. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TFBCoreComeback on Instagram and tag me @samanthabowers_ so I can see your dedication. Now who's ready?! Click HERE to get your guide now.


CLICK HERE to view: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Energy Bites | Healthy Snack Recipe


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