The 12 Days of Toning Holiday Fitness Challenge Starts TODAY! Here's Your #MondayMotivation


HOORAY! It's officially Day One of the 12 Days of Toning Holiday Fitness Challenge! Congrats to all of you who have already completed the Arms & Abs workout from today. I am so excited about how many of you have already downloaded the guide. The next 12 days are meant to help you feel as confident as ever as we head in to 2018.

If you have already downloaded your copy of the guide: GO YOU! If you are wondering what "guide" I am talking about: CLICK HERE to get your free 29 page challenge guide. Inside you'll find:

A complete 12 day workout plan

Nine EASY, healthy recipes

Fitness tips and motivation along the way

Fun social media challenges

More details on a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY that I will be sharing soon!

Since it's the start of a new week AND the beginning of the 12 day challenge, I wanted to share a quote that I came across over the weekend that really inspired me.

"Old ways won't open new doors."

This is SO true! If you want something you've never had, set a new goal for yourself, or even find yourself in a new situation that makes you slightly uncomfortable - then you have to be willing to change, adapt, and grow as a person to reach whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to starting a new fitness program (or in this case - the 12 day challenge), you have to be ready and willing to identify what habits you currently have that are holding you back from reaching your goals and change them. You will look back and thank yourself in the long run!

Do something today that is outside your comfort zone. Happy Monday!

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CLICK HERE to download the FREE 12 Days of Toning Challenge Guide


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