Laser Hair Removal: How It Works & What to Expect | Prep Tips & Everything You Need to Know


UPDATE: I am on my sixth laser hair removal treatment under my arms at Bare Med Spa. Typically you do around eight treatments before you see permanent hair reduction, so as I get closer and closer to finishing up my package I wanted to share a little more about the procedure itself and what to expect.

If you follow me on Instagram @samanthabowers_, you have probably seen Bare Med Spa in Kansas City on my IG stories. The spa itself is gorgeous - everything is white, spotless, and so chicly decorated every time I go in! It makes for the perfect spot to relax. If you are in the KC area, you DEFINITELY have to check them out. They offer a variety of services on top of laser hair removal, including cryotherapy, hydrafacials, dermaplanes, spray tans, and other cosmetic procedures. My favorite facial is the hydrafacial. You can read about the first time I got one HERE.

If you visit Bare Med, use "SAMANTHA15" for 15% off your services.

But anyways, back to laser hair removal. I am not even kidding, every time I post something on my Instagram stories about laser hair removal at Bare Med, I get tons of responses with questions about the treatment and what it is like. I don't blame you all - before I started getting laser hair removal I had ALWAYS wondered how it worked, how long it took, what to expect during the actual treatment, how to prep for it, etc. So, I have rounded up a few of my top tips & tricks I have gathered throughout my visits to Bare Med to share with you all! From before, to during, to after laser hair removal: I've got you covered. Keep reading!

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1. You cannot. I repeat: CANNOT. Have a spray tan.

This was the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around, because I literally LIVE in a spray tan (St. Tropez has an awesome foaming mousse self tanner for a quick on the go bronze). But, the laser picks up the darkest pigment in the area it is covering, meaning, if you have a spray tan your skin will be darker than it usually is and make it more difficult for the laser to find the hair follicle, leading to a less effective treatment. Try to go at least two weeks without self tanner before your treatment - I know, I know, it's HARD. But so worth it.

2. You CAN shave before.

You can shave the area before you go in. If your skin needs to be prepped any further, the spa technician will shave the area for you and clean off any deodorant or lotion you may be wearing so the surface is fresh and ready to go.

3. There is NO REASON to be scared. Like at all.

Before I got laser hair removal I was terrified of the word "laser." I thought it would be some painful zap that made all my hair fall out. When in reality, it just feels like a rubber band snap or a suction cup on your skin. There is no need to stress yourself out and build it up to be scary in your head before you go in for your treatment.


1. It takes literally like ten minutes max.

The treatment itself is SUPER fast. I probably spend more time talking with the Bare Med girls than I do actually getting the procedure. All you do is go in, put on some protectant goggles, and the spa technician will press the laser hair removal machine head to your skin several times to make sure the area is fully covered, and then you are good to go. From start to finish I would say it only takes around ten minutes.

2. It does NOT feel like a laser.

You don't feel like you're being zapped with a laser. The staff at Bare Med are super gentle and know what they are doing, so the procedure is pretty much painless. The only thing you really feel is a pull on your skin and a little rubber band snap, but that's pretty much it. No giant beams of flashing light flying everywhere, I promise.

3. You can get it done pretty much anywhere.

I get laser hair removal under my arms because I have dark hair and even when I would shave there would still be a dark shadow. But now that I am on my sixth round, that shadow is pretty much gone. I did try it on the back of my neck once just for fun. You can get it done pretty much anywhere - even your face.


1. If you feel anything, it may just feel like a slight sunburn.

I have never personally felt sunburnt after a laser hair removal treatment. Bare Med Spa is super gentle! But occasionally you can feel a little itchy in the area or like you have a tiny sunburn. Nothing a little aloe can't fix! Talk with your spa technician about possible reactions to the procedure before you have it done. Bare Med is super thorough and does a full consultation with you before you start treatments.

2. The hair follicles will fall out in the following hours.

If you get laser hair removal and don't immediately see hair reduction, be patient! The hair follicles that were hit by the laser will gradually fall out over the next few hours and the growth in that area will be reduced. It DOES take several rounds of treatments to see permanent hair reduction, but it is SO worth it.

3. You follow up every 6 weeks or so.

After you have a treatment, you schedule your next procedure for 6 weeks after. This gives your skin enough time to recover and the hair follicles that are going to grow back time to make their appearance so they can get another round of treatment. Bare Med makes it easy and schedules you before you leave so you don't forget to call 6 weeks ahead.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the area you are having treated and the spa you go to. For example, to get your under arms done it can be around $150 per treatment, but a smaller area like your lip would be less and a larger area like your legs would be more. Bare Med Spa runs laser hair removal specials ALL the time (watch my Instagram @samanthabowers_ and Bare Med's Instagram @baremedspa for specials updates).

What to look for in a good spa:

Finding a spa that will give you a quality treatment is SO important when it comes to laser hair removal. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Is the spa CLEAN? 2. Does the staff seem knowledgeable about the equipment?

3. Does the spa technician give you a consultation before starting the treatments?

4. Does the spa make you FEEL welcome & like they would be happy to answer your questions?

5. Does the spa technician know how the procedure/process works?

I truly believe finding quality, reliable spa is the number one thing in any treatment. After all, they are the one DOING the procedure, so it is important you trust them and their skills! I HIGHLY recommend Bare Med Spa to anyone in Kansas City or passing through the area. They are highly qualified, thorough, and the spa ranks a 10,000% on the cleanliness scale.

Use the code "SAMANTHA15" if you decide to visit Bare Med to get 15% off your treatment!


What questions do you have about laser hair removal or Bare Med Spa? If there are some I didn't answer in this post, leave a comment below, message me on social media, or send me an email at to chat!


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