Kansas City Fitness Studio Tours | CityShape Instagram Takeover Recap & Highlights


On Wednesday I got to do my first EVER Instagram takeover on CityShape's account (@cityshapefit)! It was SO much fun - I toured several of the best fitness studios in Kansas City and visited several of the healthy restaurants and eateries that are a part of CityShape.

If you have never heard of CityShape, it is kind of like ClassPass only specific to Kansas City. You purchase a package of passes and then you get access to all of the different boutique studios in the area that are a part of CityShape. There are TONS to pick from and a variety of different workout styles. It is such a great way to let yourself try out all of the different studios in the city and see which you like best! I wish I could have squeezed in even more studios to my Instagram takeover day, but I was able to visit three: Barre3, Title Boxing Clue Prairie Village, and Pilates of Kansas City. I am definitely going to start doing more Instagram studio tours because 1. it was super fun and 2. I love being able to take you all WITH me to these workouts and show you what they are like. Everyone is different and finding the right kind of workout for you is so important, so I hope these mini snippets of each studio can help you find your perfect fit!

Before I jump in to a full recap of the day, I wanted to share my interview with Shannon, the founder and owner of CityShape. Shannon is one of Kansas City's most inspiring, driven women and I am so glad the fitness community has connected us! I sat down with her to share more about my past with health and fitness, a few of my favorite things, and a little more about me. You can CLICK HERE to read the full interview on the CityShape website.



If you were unable to catch the takeover on Wednesday, you can watch the highlights in the video below or on my Instagram stories highlights, @samanthabowers_, or CityShape's stories highlights, @cityshapefit. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what the day entailed!

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Watch Now | CITYSHAPE INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: Workout at my favorite studios with me!


1. Barre3 Kansas City

My first stop of the day was at Barre3 Kansas City. If you have never done Barre3 before, I definitely recommend trying out the Kansas City location because the community aspect and energy in the studio is incredible! Barre3 is a low impact way to tighten and tone your muscles in a full body routine while connecting your mind with the movements. The classes take a holistic approach to fitness, and focus on incorporating three kinds of movements in each workout: the isometric hold, small range movements, and large dynamic movements. If you are looking for a class that will provide you with positive energy, a refreshed mind, and sore glutes - Barre3 is the class for you!

WHERE IT IS: 18 West 63rd Street Kansas City, Missouri 64113

WHAT TO BRING: Your body, a water bottle, and a friend!


2. TITLE Boxing Club Prairie Village

THIS was the most intense, empowering, challenging workout I have done in a long time and I LOVED it. TITLE Boxing Club is a kickboxing class that is structured into a 12 minute warm-up, 8 rounds of kickboxing, and a 15 minute ab circuit at the end. I love high intensity workouts that leave me feeling like I have just conquered the world - and TITLE definitely did just that! I was drenched in sweat afterwards and felt so accomplished. I had never taken a kickboxing class before this one and I can definitely say I will be back. When you arrive, you get your own set of hand wraps to keep and reuse for your next class. Mine were hot pink, which was another perk. If you are looking for a workout that will make you SWEAT, TITLE is the place for you!

WHERE IT IS: 7600 State Line Rd #208a, Prairie Village, KS 66208

WHAT TO BRING: Your body, good shoes, lots of water, and maybe a sweat towel (if you think you will need it).


3. Pilates of Kansas City

My final stop during my Instagram takeover was Pilates of Kansas City. I have done quite a bit with Pilates of Kansas City because they offer such a wide variety of classes. Their studio is split in to two sides; one side has the Pilates apparatus and the other side is a studio where they hold TRX, barre, mat pilates, cycling, and yoga classes. They JUST launched a new class called the "Reformed Ride," which is a combination of cycling and Pilates. It is SO unique and the first of its kind in the fitness industry. The class is structured in to 35 minutes of standard cycling and 10 minutes of arm strengthening exercises using springs attached to the fronts of the bikes. It makes for a killer total body workout!

WHERE IT IS: 7656 State Line Rd, Prairie Village, KS 66208

WHAT TO BRING: Your body, a water bottle, and socks (for the Pilates equipment).


What fitness studios are you DYING to learn more about? What questions do you have about the studios I visited during my first takeover? Leave them in the comments below! I am so excited to start doing more studio tours and I want to make sure I hit all the places you want to see. You can follow along on Instagram @samanthabowers_.

CLICK HERE to visit the CityShape website


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