Flourless Almond Butter Cookies | Gluten-free & Dairy-free Cookie Recipe


Say HELLO to the easiest, tastiest, flourless almond butter cookies you have ever seen.

Not even kidding - these are so soft and chewy you would never guess they are made primarily out of natural almond butter and collagen peptides. In fact, these are gluten AND dairy-free (depending on the brand of chocolate chips you choose). Yay for allergy friendly cookies.

I tend to stray away from gluten especially because I have noticed it makes a huge difference in the way my body feels when I do eat a food that contains gluten. So, these cookies are the perfect breakfast, snack, and especially dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling heavy or bloated.

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The main ingredient in these cookies is creamy almond butter. I use Justin's, because it is only two ingredients and one gram of sugar. Sometimes nut butters will sneak in added oils and sugars so I always opt for Justin's brand when I can because the ingredient list is clean. Because the main ingredient is almond butter, these cookies are high in fat (13 grams per cookie) - but they are primarily monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids - the GOOD fat! Almonds are also high in fiber and protein, so they will make you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time.

Another perk to these cookies (besides the fact that they take like ten minutes to prepare): they contain COLLAGEN.

I made some Healthy 5 Ingredient Fudge Brownies last week that had collagen and they turned out so delicious I had to make a new collagen cookie recipe. For those of you who have never heard of collagen, here's a quick rundown of all the health benefits the easy-to-mix-in powder offers:

1. Reduce joint pain

2. Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

3. Boost metabolism

4. Help satisfy an appetite and keep you full longer

5. Stabilize blood sugar levels

6. Prevent arthritis

7. Improve thyroid function

Collagen peptide powder is so easy to mix in to healthy recipes (like these cookies), smoothies, coffee, oatmeal, protein shakes - you name it. I use Further Food's flavorless powder so you don't even taste a difference in the foods you are adding it to. Collagen is actually the most abundant protein in our bodies!

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So, what are you waiting for?! Healthy fats + collagen + quick and easy to make + CHOCOLATE = the world's best cookie, right? Right. Check out the recipe below.




What are your goals for 2018? Is one of them to eat a healthier diet and cut back on sugar? Head to my latest Instagram post @samanthabowers_ and tell me what your resolutions are! I want to encourage you every step of the way.

Have a recipe suggestion? What kinds of foods do you wish you had a healthy recipe for? Leave them in the comments below. I am always looking for new ideas to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Leave your requests in the comments below!

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