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This week is all about my client, Faith Jordan, and her INCREDIBLE 12 week progress on The Balanced Body Training guides! I started working with Faith 12 weeks ago by creating custom workouts for her week by week. She has stuck with it, put in the hard work, and made amazing progress not only physically, but mentally. This girl is a true beauty inside AND out! She is the reigning Miss Missouri Collegiate America and will compete for Miss Collegiate America this June.

I wanted to highlight her amazing 12 week transformation and have her share a little more about her fitness journey and how she got from the photo on the left to the photo on the right - past the physical aspect. She says she feels more confident, productive, and more excited about working out now than ever before.

Faith's program includes weight lifting, plyometrics, high intensity interval circuits, and distance running. When I started training Faith, she said she loved running and wanted to make sure distance running was a part of her program, so we structured her weekly routine to allow for her to include the activities she loves.

The addition of weight lifting to Faith's fitness journey has been a major source of her progress. Weight lifting will NOT make women "bulky" - often times the exact opposite is true! Weight lifting builds lean muscle mass, burns more calories in the long run, reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis, boosts your mood, and improves your posture and balance.

I asked Faith to share her thoughts on a few questions as she looks back on her journey so far. And, several fun favorites so you can get to know this blonde bombshell a little better!


Name: Faith Ellen Jordan

Age: 21

Year in school: Senior at Mizzou

Major: Hospitality management (conference and events) with a minor in business

Favorite workout song: The comeback by Danny Gokey

Favorite way to sweat: Running

Favorite cheat meal: Ice cream

Favorite healthy snack: Quest Bars or apples and almond butter

1. What has been the biggest benefit you have noticed from starting a regular exercise schedule?

The biggest thing I notice is my mindset. I look forward to working out every day! It is my hour of the day to de-stress and truly focus on myself. Though it’s hard sometimes, I force myself to shut my brain off and really take the time to focus on my goals. It gives me a clear mind and lots of energy! Now, I feel off if I don’t get a workout in and I definitely notice a decline in my productivity and a rise in negative thoughts. Working out does so many great things for you mentally. And of course, the results I am seeing physically.

2. Why did you want to start a new workout program?

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to start a workout routine. First, and most obvious, is the decision to compete in a pageant. Though I don’t compete in any form of fitness in this system, it is important I am fit and feel confident on stage. And speaking of confidence, the second reason I decided to start a program is because I needed that confidence back. I got to a point where I disliked how I looked in photos so much I wouldn’t even take them! That led to missing out on documentation of great memories. I had also been referenced to as “thick” almost all of my college career. Everyone knows college can take a huge toll on your physical health and unfortunately I was no exception to that. Though I knew this was “average,” I didn’t realize how much the comments would effect me. About two weeks before I started my first training program I had someone say to my face, "Wow you’re so pretty, you would be even prettier if you were thinner.” And that hit hard. After taking an evaluation of myself, I know I needed to make a change.

3. What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your fitness journey?

I think the biggest challenge I am STILL overcoming is learning to confident in my body and what it’s capable of. It is so easy to get frustrated with yourself when you hit a plateau, or you don’t see the results you think you should. It’s discouraging. However, this entire process has taught me that every body is DIFFERENT. It’s more important you’re learning how diet and exercise effect YOUR body. It is a struggle for me to maintain a healthy weight, and there have been many times throughout this journey I’ve gotten upset and wanted to quit. However, I’ve learned to appreciate what my body is capable of. It’s fun to push myself to new limits and see what I can accomplish. I have learned to be patient and persistent, and to appreciate how far I’ve come rather than how far I have to go.

4. What is your favorite part about the workouts? How do you feel including weight lifting in your routine has changed the way you view exercise?

I used to love running, and I still do! But my new favorite is timed circuits! It’s like a mini challenge every time between myself and the clock to see how many reps I can do. It keeps my exercises fun and exciting. Weight training has given me the confidence and excitement I needed to train. I see results much faster with weight training and I know the results are easier to maintain. I can now look forward to going to the gym knowing I have something different every week, and not just 40 minutes of Netflix and the treadmill.

5. What is the biggest thing you have gained since beginning this journey?

Confidence. I was at an all time low when we started training together in October. I had had many comments made to me about my image and as someone who was always confident in who I was as a person and didn't put an emphasis on image, it really started to take a toll on me. I hated taking pictures, and honestly hated going out to events in public in fear of receiving more comments. I finally have a strong, lean body I am proud of! I never been in this good of shape and it truly has reinstalled that confidence in me.


Faith Jordan | 12 week progress using a custom training program | The Balanced Body Training


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