Flourless Red Velvet Protein Cookie | Easy, Healthy Dessert Recipe


What better way to celebrate the last day of February than with this GIANT Flourless Red Velvet Protein Cookie?!

There IS NOT a better way. This cookie is one of my absolute favorite recipes from the Love 2 Move Fitness Guide (still available for download: CLICK HERE to get your free copy). It is easy, delicious, and packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied. This cookie uses chickpeas as a flour substitute. Chickpeas are loaded with fiber and a great way to still get that moist, fluffy cookie texture we all LOVE.

In other news: there is ONE GRAM of sugar per serving in this cookie. ONE. It does not get much better than this.

So, you're probably wondering how this giant cookie gets its red coloring. When I set out to create this cookie recipe, the LAST thing I wanted to do was include red food coloring to give it the typical red velvet color. So, I started to think: what natural superfoods could I use to brighten up this delicious treat?


If you have never used beetroot powder before, don't worry. It really doesn't add any flavor to the recipe - just color. So, that being said: you can omit this from the recipe if you do not have any on hand. Most Walmarts carry beetroot powder, so it is pretty easy to locate. If you do decide to include it, here are some health benefits from beetroot powder to note:

Rich in antioxidants, fiber, iron, calcium, and nitrate.

Can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow.

Boosts your immune system (due to a high amount of vitamin C).

Most of the calories in beetroot powder come from natural sugars.

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This cookie uses stevia as a sugar substitute. Stevia is one of my favorite ways to sweeten up any healthy dessert or snack recipe without the empty calories and negative health effects that come along with refined sugar. I topped this cookie with dark chocolate chips and Light & Fit vanilla greek yogurt (my absolute favorite for greek yogurt. The texture, flavor, and macros are so on point). So, what are you waiting for?! Time to treat yourself - after all, you're reading this so you survived Valentine's Day. Check out the full recipe and macros below.

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What's your favorite way to satisfy a sweet tooth, the healthy way? Head over to my Instagram @samanthabowers_ for more fitness tips, workouts, and healthy recipes.

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