Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal | Tips, FAQs, and MORE

I am finally done with a COMPLETE eight rounds of laser hair removal under my arms at Bare Med Spa in Kansas City. If you have been following along on Instagram @samanthabowers_, you have probably seen several IG stories at Bare Med. The spa is SO aesthetically pleasing (all white and teal decor = flawless) and clean. Every time I go, I feel ten times more relaxed after stepping in to the spa than before I walked in. The staff is super helpful and actually CARES about every one of their clients and their results. This is super important when you're trying to find the right med spa for you. If you feel like they are just trying to sell you a service or product - they probably are. Bare Med always goes in-depth when explaining each of their services, makes helpful suggestions, and listens to your comments/concerns. Before you start any treatment, you can have a consultation to plan out the best options for you! I definitely recommend any of the Bare Med locations if you are living in Kansas City or even just passing through. They offer spray tans, cryotherapy, all different kinds of facials, and SO much more.

You can use the code "SAMANTHA15" for 15% off your treatment at Bare Med Spa.

So now on to the fun stuff:


As I documented my eight treatments under my arms on Instagram, you all sent TONS of questions about the process itself, how it works, if it HURTS (no), how much it costs, how to prep - the list goes on.

So, I rounded up all of the FAQs and pulled together tips and tricks I learned over the course of my treatments to create an ultimate guide to laser hair removal.

If you have been on the ledge debating whether or not to give laser hair removal a go - KEEP READING.

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1. How should I prep for my first treatment?

Before your first treatment, Bare Med will have a consultation with you and explain EVERYTHING in detail. But, here are a few things Bare Med notes on their website to do (or not do) in order to have a safe, effective procedure:

"- Shave the treatment area 12-24 hours before your treatment.

- Do not wax, pluck, tweeze, use bleaches or hair removal creams during your treatment series.

- Avoid sun exposure, self tanners and tanning beds 1-3 weeks before treatment.

- Use sunblock with SPF 30 on areas to be treated that are exposed to the sun.

- Do not take Accutane for 6 months prior to treatment."

There is NO NEED to be afraid or anxious about your first appointment. A good spa will make you feel comfortable and well-educated on the topic.

2. How long will the appointment take?

It depends on what area of the body you are having done. Obviously, larger areas will require a longer treatment than smaller areas. My appointments under my arms were VERY fast - like, literally less than ten minutes fast. But other areas (like your legs) can take up to an hour.

3. Does it hurt?

I know what you're thinking: LASER hair removal. It HAS to hurt.

I promise - it's not as intimidating as it sounds.

You don't feel like you're being zapped with a laser. The staff at Bare Med are super gentle and know what they are doing, so the procedure is pretty much painless. The only thing you really feel is a pull on your skin and a little rubber band snap, but that's pretty much it. No giant beams of flashing light flying everywhere, I promise.

4. How many treatments do I have to get?

Everyone is different and will respond to laser hair removal differently, but for me, I began seeing permanent reduction around my fourth, fifth, and sixth treatments. I finished out my treatment package with eight sessions, just to really make sure we had covered the area. Generally, it takes anywhere from 5-8 rounds to see 75-90% permanent hair reduction.

5. How much time do you allow between treatments?

For me personally, I allowed six weeks between each round. The spa you choose will go over your progress and assess whether or not you could wait even LONGER than six weeks to have another treatment. Bare Med Spa is super good about communicating with you and making sure you are actually liking the results you are seeing.

6. How does it even work?

Bare Med Spa's machine (the Gentle Max Pro and Infinity hair laser) pulls an area of your skin (kind of like a suction cup but its more of a tip on the end than an actual suction cup) to make it appear lighter. Then, a beam of energy is focused in on the darkest part of the area that is being targeted, i.e., your hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair follicle, which damages it enough to reduce future growth. While it cannot guarantee permanent REMOVAL of hair, it does provide permanent REDUCTION in the area.

7. Should I shave before?

Yes! I always shaved 12-24 hours before my treatment. But if you forget, no worries, your spa can shave the area for you before they start the treatment.

8. How much does it cost?

It depends on the area you are having treated and the spa you go to. For example, to get your under arms done it can be around $150 per treatment, but a smaller area like your lip would be less and a larger area like your legs would be more. Bare Med Spa runs laser hair removal specials ALL the time (watch my Instagram @samanthabowers_ and Bare Med's Instagram @baremedspa for specials updates).

9. Can I go tanning before? What about a spray tan?

NO. Bare Med Spa recommends to "avoid sun exposure, self tanners and tanning beds 1-3 weeks before treatment." The "no self-tanner" part was a tough one for me to wrap my head around - because I LIVE in St. Tropez's Dark Foaming Mousse (literally a lifesaver - check out my review on IG here). But lighter skin and darker hair respond BETTER to the laser hair removal treatment.

10. Can you have it done anywhere?

YES. Literally anywhere. Areas people usually have done are legs, bikini, face, chin, upper lip, chest, stomach, back, and under arms.

11. Will it hurt afterwards?

After your treatment you may feel a little itchy or like you have a slight sunburn in the area, but the feeling is usually relieved with some aloe. Side effects are rare, but they can happen, so it's important to pay attention to your body and talk about the procedure with your spa. Bare Med was always SO thorough in making sure I was comfortable after my treatments. I was able to leave my appointments feeling just like I did before I came in - so there wasn't any recovery time.

12. Can I work out after my appointment?

Working out/sweating immediately after your treatment CAN cause irritation. When you exercise, your body temperature rises and you will likely sweat, which creates an environment that is PRIME for bacteria to grow. I would always wait 24 hours following my treatment before I hit an intense sweat session, just to avoid irritation or inflammation.

13. How do I pick a good spa?

Finding a spa that will give you a quality treatment is SO important when it comes to laser hair removal. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Is the spa CLEAN? 2. Does the staff seem KNOWLEDGEABLE about the equipment?

3. Does the spa technician give you a CONSULTATION before starting the treatments?

4. Does the spa make you FEEL welcome & like they would be happy to answer your questions?

5. Does the spa technician KNOW how the procedure/process works?

I truly believe finding quality, reliable spa is the number one thing in any treatment. After all, they are the one DOING the procedure, so it is important you trust them and their skills! I highly recommend Bare Med Spa to anyone in Kansas City or passing through the area. They are highly qualified, thorough, and the spa ranks a 10,000% on the cleanliness scale (it's also very aesthetically decorated and makes the perfect photo spot).

14. Is it worth it?

This is by far the MOST frequently asked question: is it worth it?

And EVERY time my response is: YES!

I have been SO pleased with the results of my eight laser hair removal treatments. I saw greater results after every treatment, and the more rounds I completed, the less I found myself having to shave under my arms. I have dark hair so even when I would shave, there would always be a shadow. But after laser hair removal at Bare Med, that shadow is gone. I even went to Florida over Christmas break for four days and didn't have to shave ONCE (talk about convenient). If you are on the border about starting the laser hair removal process, definitely schedule a consultation with your spa to discuss the options they have available and what would work best for YOU and YOUR BODY. If you are in the Kansas City area, Bare Med Spa is the place to go.

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Is there a question about laser hair removal you have been DYING to get the answer to that I didn't discuss? Leave a comment below, on my latest Instagram post @samanthabowers_, send me a DM, email me - you name it. Just ask away!


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Use the code "SAMANTHA15" for 15% off your services at Bare Med Spa.

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