The Five Workout Classes You NEED to Try in NYC


There's no doubt New York City is the center of all things fitness. There are endless types of workout classes, studio styles, and events that go on every week. I knew when I moved to The Big Apple, I wanted to hit as many new classes as I could to experience the unique studio environments and training styles they all have to offer. After being here for about a month and a half, I have found five studios that definitely deserve a spot on everyone's must-try list when visiting NYC.

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For the fierce fighter: Rumble Boxing

If you ever feel like you just need to beat something up in a high energy room full of fierce & empowering people: Rumble Boxing is for you. The workout is split between “floor rounds” and “bag rounds.” Each round is 3 minutes long. The bag side moves through a series of boxing combos lead by the trainer, while the floor side completes strength training and plyometric style exercises using dumbbells, weighted brass knuckles, and your body weight. All the trainers at Rumble are GREAT at what they do and their passion for fitness truly shows during their classes.

Hashtag: #DoYouRumble


For the party animal: 305 Fitness

Get ready to SHAKE IT at 305. The studio is modeled after a Miami dance club and the second you walk in you’re instantly filled with excitement and energy. We’re talking a live DJ, black lights, glitter everywhere, the whole shebang. 305 Fitness has a variety of classes, including cardio theme, cardio advanced, and cardio basics. The classes are mostly choreographed dance cardio structured to get your heart pumping. Towards the middle/end of class there is sometimes a 5 minute period of toning exercises using ankle weights and resistance bands. A lot of people have asked if you have to know how to dance to be able to follow along with the instructors at 305 and the answer is NO. I am probably the most uncoordinated dancer in the history of uncoordinated dancers and I can follow along. If I can do it, there’s a 99% chance you can too. 305 encourages movement, so as long as you’re sweating - you’re good to go.

Hashtag: #MakeSweatSexy

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For an upbeat toning sesh: ModelFit

ModelFit has a variety of classes, but my favorite is their sculpt class. The workout is 45 minutes long and uses equipment like sliders, ankle weights, a resistance band, light hand weights, and your own bodyweight to lift, lengthen, and tone the smaller stabilizer muscles in your entire body (especially your glutes and core). The studio is GORGEOUS - very photographable and chic. Their playlists are always on point and upbeat, especially if you take their dance cardio class. They also stream their workouts online, so if you aren't near a studio you can tune in at home and do the moves from the comfort of your own living room.


For serious sculpting: p.volve

p.volve is probably the best glute workout I have ever done. Like, ever. It's such a unique style of training I can honestly say I have never done anything like it before (in the best way). The workouts are comprised of tons of different moves that focus on opening and stretching the hips and elongating the muscles through low impact anti-pulse training. Some of the workouts don't require any equipment at all, but some use the p.ball,, ankle weights, and sliders to enhance the movements and add resistance. p.volve also streams their workouts online and sells the equipment on their website (I bought the heavy and the 3 lb ankle weights and use them in my lower body workouts three times a week). I met Stephen, the creator of the p.volve method, at a workout event at the SoHo Alo Yoga store.


For an empowering flow: y7 Studio

y7 Studio is unlike any other yoga class I have ever taken. Class is held in an all black, heated, candlelit room with no mirrors. At first I wondered if I would be able to balance without seeing myself, but it actually didn’t feel any different than a room with mirrors. The class is set to an upbeat hip-hop playlist (one class I went to was solid Beyoncé). You flow through three different routines three times each to make up a 45 minute class. For each flow, the first time is taken slow, the second time is set to breaths, and the final flow is at your own pace. They crank up the music and just let you move through the flow however your body is telling you to do so. The environment is empowering, refreshing, and energizing at the same time. If you go to this class be sure to wear something you’re comfortable sweating ALOT in. I wore a Fabletics set and it was drenched by the end of the workout.


What are the best workout studios in your city? Head over to my latest Instagram post @samanthabowers_ and tag your favorites!

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