7 Fall Activewear Looks You Need In Your Closet

Happy SEPTEMBER! I can't believe summer is already coming to an end. After taking the entire month of August off from blogging, I am excited to dive back in and start creating content again. I am a firm believer that breaks are SO NECESSARY when it comes to pretty much anything in life. Over the summer, I interned at The Knot in New York City, so I took a step back from my own blog to focus 100% of my effort towards creating content for their platforms.

Now that I am back in Missouri for my final year of school at Mizzou, I am basically living in activewear (but hey, what's new?). Athleisure has become such a huge trend and brands like Fabletics are leading the way in not only trendy workout wear, but a movement that empowers and inspires women to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Fabletics offers a VIP subscription that gets you MAJOR discounts (up to 50% off) on their new collections. You have the option to "shop" or "skip" their styles within the first five days of every month. If you choose to skip, you won't be charged the $49.95 monthly VIP membership fee. If you choose to shop, you pay the VIP fee and then get access to all the sale prices (totally worth it if you have an activewear obsession like myself).

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Personally, I love activewear that is versatile, comfy, and still cute. I love bright patterns and colors, compression fabric, and unique styles that will stand out in a crowd. Here are 7 activewear looks you're going to want in your closet as we head into fall months.

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1. The ASHLEE 2-piece outfit

Zoe High impact Sports Bra + High Waisted Printed Capri

VIP price: $59.95

2. The CORALINE 2-piece outfit

Zaylee Off-The-Shoulder Pullover + Seamless High Waisted Legging

VIP price: $69.95

3. The ORLA 2-piece outfit

Jules SculptKnit Top + SculptKnit High-Waisted Mesh

VIP price: $69.95

4. The PROSPER 2-piece outfit

Tammy Low-Impact Sports Bra + Salar Printed Powerhold 7/8

VIP price: $49.95

5. The LULA 3-piece outfit

Kessler Medium Impact Sports Bra + Brisa Fleece Hooded Jacket + High-Waisted Foldover PowerHold 7/8

VIP price: $99.95

6. The IMANI 3-piece outfit

Tammy Low Impact Sports Bra + Trisha Tank + High-Waisted Foldover PowerHold 7/8

VIP price: $69.95

7. The MISA 2-piece outfit

Ellie High Impact Shine Sports Bra + Trisha Tank + SculptKnit High-Waisted Mesh Capri

VIP price: $59.95

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