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I have been DYING to get my hands on an activity tracker like this Garmin Vivomove HR for the longest time. I searched and searched for one that had all of the functions I wanted when it came to data tracking but also matched my personal style.

There are so many activity trackers on the market sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best for you. If you are a runner looking for a watch to track distance, or someone who likes HIIT workouts and you want a watch that will measure and track your heart rate, or even if you simply want to track your daily step count - this Garmin Vivomove HR has all that and MORE!

One thing that especially attracted me to the Vivomove HR: its fashion-forward flare. A lot of activity trackers LOOK like an activity tracker. They have a sporty style and it's pretty obvious that it is a fitness watch. You may even feel like you have to take it off when you dress in anything BUT activewear because it just doesn't match your outfit! I FEEL YOU.

The Vivomove HR is like an activity tracker in disguise. The screen is blank and looks like a standard fashion watch until you flip your wrist towards you or double tap the screen. From there, the functions and data are available for you to swipe through using the touch screen face. I LOVE that I can literally wear this watch with pretty much any outfit. It's rose gold and white (my favorite color combo) and is so versatile when it comes to styling it with any look!

I have BARELY taken it off since I got it last week. I am a total nerd when it comes to insights about my activity levels so I have loved reading in to all of the information the Vivomove HR has been giving me every day about my fitness habits.

The watch has information on it that you can track and view day by day, but it also syncs with the Garmin Connect app on your phone to provide even MORE information - it's seriously like a fitness enthusiast's gold mine.

Since I tend to do more high intensity style workouts, I have LOVED the heart rate function on the Vivomove HR. I have been able to track how my heart rate fluctuates during my workouts so I know how to structure the intensity intervals to achieve the best results! It also tells me my average resting heart rate, which is also super interesting because it gives me information about my overall level of fitness.

So, since there are SO many functions and capabilities in this fashionable fitness tracker, I want to go through a few of my favorites in detail. If you are on the hunt for a new activity tracker: keep reading!

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24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

This is my FAVORITE function of this watch. It is SO helpful to be able to track my heart rate during HIIT workouts so I know how intense my workout actually is. It is easy to FEEL like you are working hard - but with the heart rate monitor in the Vivomove HR I can actually SEE when I cross over into that fat burning zone. The heart rate monitor is also used to calculate how many calories you have burned, which is also super interesting and helpful. It gives you your average resting heart rate and the Garmin Connect app provides a graph that shows how your heart rate has fluctuated throughout the day.



All Day Stress Tracking

This part is also SUPER interesting and really gives a lot of insight into your mindfulness and well-being. The Vivomove HR uses your heart rate to break down your stress levels by time and logs it throughout the day. You can tell whether or not you are having a well balanced day by looking deeper in to the information the Garmin Connect app provides. It even tells you how much time (down to the minute) you spent in each stress category! Here is my stress information from October 17th.



Step Counter

The step counter is probably one of the most basic functions all activity trackers have. I love how you can set a "step goal" for each day and the Vivomove HR will vibrate and notify you when you have reached that goal. You will be surprised at just how many calories you can burn just by getting up and moving! Below is my step information from October 17th.


Intensity Minutes Monitoring

Just like setting a "step goal," the Vivomove HR allows you to set an "intensity minutes" goal for the week. When your heart rate crosses in to the high intensity zone during a workout, those minutes will be logged as intensity minutes, and contribute to your weekly goal. This is so helpful to keep track of the time you have actually spent doing high intensity exercise.

Flights of Stairs Climbed

Even without setting foot on a stair climber - you can know how many flights of stairs you have climbed throughout the day. This is one of the functions that is readily available to view directly from the watch and another category you can set a daily goal to hit.


Workout Timer

The workout timer option allows you to set a START and STOP time to track the insights from just your workout time and save them into your activity folder. In the Garmin Connect app, you can even select certain exercises you did during your workout to get even MORE accurate data! This has been helpful for me, because I do a variety of different workout styles, like distance running, HIIT, weight lifting, and yoga. I am able to track each individual workout and get specific information about how my body responds to each.

Running Count of Daily Calories Burned

This is another one of my favorite functions - because I feel like this is the most accurate count of how many calories I am ACTUALLY burning during the day and during a workout. We have all seen the count on treadmills or other workout equipment that tells us we have burned an insane amount of calories in a short amount of time. We leave the gym THINKING we have actually burned that much, and we are more likely to overeat as a result. With the Vivomove HR, the information is custom to ME, my body, my lifestyle, and my activity levels. Chances are the equipment that counts calories burned at the gym is basing its estimate on the standard population and not specifically to you. The Vivomove HR factors in your heart rate when calculating calories burned, which leads to more accurate information.


Like I said earlier, this watch is basically my new staple accessory. I NEVER take it off! I love being able to wear it no matter what outfit I have on and the insights it gives me about my fitness and activity levels are so valuable. It is user friendly, stylish, and I DEFINITELY recommend it if you are on the hunt for a quality, fashion forward activity tracker. There are SO many more functions this watch has on top of the ones I listed above, but these are my favorites! Being aware of the information it provides will help you stay on top of living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Do you use an activity tracker? If so, what is your favorite aspect of your fitness to track? Leave a comment below. I want to hear from you!


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