How to find a romper long enough | Top picks for summer rompers


It's almost summer which means... time to pull out your old summer clothes or maybe even take yourself on a little shopping spree to refresh your wardrobe. If you're anything like me, you want putting together an outfit to be easy. Rompers and jumpsuits are my favorites for one reason: they're one piece.

Being 5'10" is nice, but it doesn't come without its drawbacks. One being, rompers and jumpsuits are often times too short.

My legs AND torso are long, so finding a romper that isn't too short and a jumpsuit that fits the length of my torso is sometimes a struggle. Here are a few tips I've picked up on finding rompers and jumpsuits that are actually long enough (and a few of my top picks).

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Look for ruffles

Rompers with ruffles on the bottom not only make them look longer, they may actually be longer. Not to mention, ruffles have become super popular lately and are being seen more and more in summer trends. I love a long sleeve romper with ruffles on the end of the sleeves to match the ruffles on the shorts. This red floral romper from Cha Boutique Columbia caught my eye for that exact reason!


Find a two piece if you have an extra long torso

Even though a two piece may not technically be considered an actual romper or jumpsuit, it can give you the same look and fit better if you have a really long torso. Plus, since its an already put-together set, it takes the pressure off of you to put together a coherent look that may come along with pairing separates.


Look for jumpsuits with loose & flowy legs

Jumpsuits with loose and flowy legs aren't just super comfy... they're perfect for tall girls looking for a fit that isn't quite as obvious if it's a little on the shorter side. I love a loose leg, tea-length jumpsuit that I can pair with strappy wedges or even flat sandals.


Adjustable straps are your BFF

If your torso is on the longer side, look for jumpsuits or rompers that have adjustable straps. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you have the ability to adjust the straps you can control where the top hits on your chest and waist. Most spaghetti strap rompers have the option to adjust the strap length and these styles are usually super cute for the beach or a summer trip.


But also... going strapless helps

But of course, the only thing better than adjustable straps would be... no straps at all. Strapless jumpsuits and rompers eliminate the worry that your torso will be too long for the top. If you aren't wanting to go completely bare shoulder, complete the look with a leather jacket, jean jacket, or even denim vest.


Which do you prefer: shorts and a tank or the all-in-one romper? Leave a comment on my latest Instagram post @samanthabowers and let me know your thoughts!

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