Travel Essentials | Wardrobe pieces that always make it in to the suitcase

Raise your hand if you're an over-packer.

I am definitely raising my hand. No matter how long my trip may be, I always end up bringing things I know I won't actually end up wearing. Haven't worn something in 4 years? Bring it, because there's a 0.1% chance I might want to wear it sometime during the next 6 days... right?

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Even thought I am guilty of overpacking, there are always several basic items that always make it in to my suitcase no matter where I am going. Here are 12 wardrobe items you won't want to leave your house without throwing in your bag.

1. A plain white tank top.

That can go under ANYTHING. You never know when that new top you bought will be a little more sheer than you anticipated - having something to wear underneath always comes in handy.

2. A tote bag.

For the beach, to take on a hike, or even use as a purse.

3. Nude wedges.

These match EVERYTHING. Most of the time, I only bring nude sandals for that exact reason.

4. Flat sandals.

Because no one wants to wear wedges or heels for the whole trip.

5. A swimsuit coverup.

This is sometimes forgotten, but you'll be glad you have it on the walk to the pool or the beach.

6. A plain colored jumpsuit.

A plain colored jumpsuit can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the shoes and accessories you pair it with. Having one that can go either way allows for wiggle room depending on your activities.

7. Sunglasses.

I have forgotten sunglasses more times than I'd like to admit. All it took was having to buy a new pair several times once I got to my location - I never forget them now.

8. Activewear.

Activewear is ALWAYS a must, Even if you don't plan on actually going to a gym while you're on vacation, you never know when you'll want to hit a nearby trail for a hike or a jog.

9. A swimsuit.

Because is it really a vacation if you don't make a trip to the pool or the beach? This one may seem obvious, but I always bring a one piece and a two piece.

10. A baggy t-shirt.

To sleep in, to relax in, to wear over a swim top - there are so many uses for a baggy t-shirt.

11. Flip flops.

For the beach, for the shower, to slide on and walk down to the hotel lobby, etc. It's convenient to have shoes that are quick to put on and take off.

12. A light and flowy dress.

A sundress is perfect to wear to brunch or after a full day of activities. They usually don't take up a ton of space in your suitcase either, so I always make sure I have one just in case.

What are your staples for travel? Head over to my latest Instagram post @samanthabowers and leave a comment. I want to hear from you!